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#978 ALREADY ADOPTED - Gauteng, Germiston - Mobi Small Senior Male Yorkie

Gauteng, Germiston

Mobi 11 year old male Yorkshire Terrier
11 year old male Yorkshire Terrier
Mobi is looking for a retirement home, as the only doggy. Mobi loves attention, and although he might take time to adjust to new people, his craving for attention soon takes over and he comes straight for a cuddle.
This small senior Yorkie does not like loud noises and barks at thunder.
senior male Yorkshire terrier 11 years old
Mobi is fully housetrained, and does not lift his leg in the house. He can be alone during the day for a few hours. However, his pawrent was retired and spent most days spoiling him with attention.
Mobi is not use to small children, however should be fine with other children. He is not good with other dogs or cats.
His pawrent has emigrated, and the foster mommy can no longer care for this old little Yorkie boy.

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