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#755 - Gauteng, Sandton - Tiny Yorkies Amazing Nature Need New Home

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#753 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng, Centurion - Loki Loving Yorkie Boy

ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng, Centurion Loki 1 year old Yorkie boy Loki is very sweet and loving. He has good health. He is house trained. Loki is excellent with children. Loki will do better with female dogs.  It is unknown how he would be with cats.

#752 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng, Midrand - Bella Playful Yorkie Girl

Gauteng, Midrand Bella  6 Year old Yorkie girl. She is very loveable and loves playing. Bella is excellent with children. Bella loves being pampered and loved. She also loves         playing   and kisses and cuddles She is sterilized. Bella is healthy. Bella is excellent with other dogs and with cats.

#751 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng, Benoni - Harley Friendly Yorkie

ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng, Benoni, Farrarmere Harley  Is a 5 years old Yorkie boy Harley has very good health. He is house trained. He is very friendly & good with children. Harley does not like being yeld at & gets scared when being shouted at.  Harley needs to be handled with love and care . Harley is excellent with other dogs and with cats.

#749 - ALREADY ADOPTED Gauteng, Kempton Park - Daisy Adventurous Yorkie

ALREADY ADOPTED Gauteng, Kempton Park Daisy  4 Year old Yorkie girl She is friendly , lovable , mischievous   and adventurous . She is excellent with children. Daisy is excellent with other dogs and with cats. She has excellent health. She is house trained.   

#748 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng, Pretoria - Mufasa Urgently Needs Loving Home

Gauteng, Pretoria Mufasa is a precious 9 year old Yorkie boy who just loves being around people . He enjoys car rides, cuddling and just being really close to his loved ones. He is house trained and trained to use a doggy door .  Mufasa has always been around little children and he is excellent with kids . He is generally okay with other dogs , but he becomes bossy when there is food involved. He has never lived with cats, though he did stay with a family with cats while his family were away, and he only chased the cat once 😉. Mufasa is in good health, but his teeth will need attention. When he was a very young dog he was knocked by a car and his leg was broken. If he jumps off the furniture badly, he may limp a little.  He has his vet card and he has recently been dewormed and had Bravekto.  Mufasa is neutered.

#746 - Gauteng, Pretoria - Tommy & Charlie Yorkies

 Gauteng, Pretoria  Tommy & Charlie  Yorkie boys 6 years old Tommy is a very calm dog. He likes to be stroked  and to lie on your lap . He is a shy Yorkshire Terrier but very loving. Charlie has energy. He likes playing with bigger dogs and children. He comes to you for some love and then runs off after he had enough ;) They are excellent with children.  They are good with other dogs.  They have never  been around cats.  They will need help with house training during night times.  (Before Tommy had a sensitive digestive system, he seems fine now)

#745 - ALREADY ADOPTED Gauteng, Krugersdorp - Bielie, Phoebe and Mia Urgently Need New Homes

ALREADY ADOPTED Gauteng, Krugersdorp: Bielie, Phoebe and Mia urgently need homes Bielie is 8 years old and very protective of his family.  Phoebe is about 14 years old and still very active and alert for her age. Mia is four years old and is a happy and loving girl. They are all very cuddly and affectionate while also being playful and active.   All three yorkies are healthy and house trained. They are excellent with children, other dogs and friendly with cats.

#743 - ALREADY ADOPTED Gauteng, Centurion - Pucini Little Yorkie Needs New Home

ALREADY ADOPTED Gauteng, Centurion Pucini   Is a 14 Year old Yorkie boy. Pucini is a loving little Yorkshire Terrier that loves his routine.  He sleeps most of the day but loves getting attention and having someone  around during the day . He is excellent with children. He loves sleeping in bed with his owner especially  when it is cold but loves sleeping in his own bed too. He has been neutered. Pucini has good health .  He doesn't mind other dogs. He is not good with cats.

#742 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng, Boksburg - Coco Playful Yorkie Puppy Needs New Home

ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng, Boksburg  Coco Yorkie puppy boy 5 months old.  Coco is playful , has a lot of energy and loves other doggies.   He needs another doggy to play with. He is excellent with children.  He loves sleeping in the bed with you.  He has excellent health. He is house trained.