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#599 - ALREADY HOMED! Gauteng, Modderfontein - Smokey & Pepper playful Yorkie crosses need home

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#598 - Gauteng, Boksburg - Big & Small Buffy Needing New Home

Gauteng, Boksburg, Atlasville Big and Small Buffy need their new home together Big Buffy is 7 & Small Buffy is 6 Years old (They were named by a child ;)  Big Buffy is 100% healthy. Small Buffy has epilepsy, which is well controlled with Phenobarbitone (30mg). They have already been neutered. Big Buffy is a very warm hearted, soft and cuddly doggy. He loves cuddles,  attention and sleeping on your lap.  Small Buffy is very very playful and loves playing outside with water and catching a ball.  They will be better with older children.  They are excellent with other dogs. It is unknown how they will be with cats

#597 - Gauteng, Johannesburg - Coco Adorable Clever Yorkie Boy Needs New Home

Gauteng, Broadacres, Johannesburg Coco  An adorable Yorkie boy needing his new home. Coco is 2 years of age. He has excellent health. Coco is very friendly Yorkie boy. Always wants attention ;) He needs a home where there are children as he LOVES kids. Coco is a clever Yorkshire Terrier. He understands commands such as "sit, go out, shake hand/paw & eat your food."   He is a VERY alert dog. Before someone even reaches the front door he barks, but he has a different bark, more of an excited one, if it’s someone whose scent he knows and an alert louder bark if it’s someone he does not know. Coco loves going to the doggy parlour.  He will need help with house training. He is excellent with other dogs  but have not been exposed to cats.

#596 - ALREADY ADOPTED - Gauteng, Benoni - Yuki Yorkie Puppy Needing Home

ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng, Benoni  Yuki Yorkie Puppy 1 Year & 1 Month old needing her perfect new home. Yuki is a friendly Yorkshire Terrier puppy that loves kids ! She is full of energy  but she is also a lap doggy and wants your attention .  She may take some time to get used to new doggy friends.  It is unknown how she will be with cats. She has been sterilized. Yuki has no health conditions , she is a healthy pup. She may need some help with house training .

#595 - ALREADY HOMED - Limpopo, Polokwane - Bentley warm hearted Yorkie Boy Needs New Home

  Limpopo, Polokwane  Bentley is a 6 Year old Yorkie boy. He is a  kind, warm hearted  & soft  Yorkshire Terrier boy. He is  excellent  with  children . He has been neutered. He has perfect health.  He is house trained. He is  excellent  with other  dogs and cats.  

#593 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng, Alberton - Oreo Yorkie Puppy

ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng, Alberton Oreo   is a 9 weeks old Yorkshire Terrier puppy needing a home ASAP She is a spitfire, energetic, and loves cuddling. Orea  loves to play .   Her favorite thing to do is lay around in the sun .   She loves being outside and loves to explore her surroundings.   She is a real sweetie . Oreo needs a home where she will have someone around 24/7 to give her all the love and attention she needs.

#592 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng Roodepoort - Teddy playful loving Yorkie boy

ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng, Roodepoort Teddy   is a 4 year old Yorkie boy. He is a playful and loving Yorkshire Terrier that does not expect attention all the time.  Teddy has such a personality. He loves to sleep in the bed and on the couch. He is excellent with children.  He has very good health. He will need help with house training. He is good with other dogs, except his own brother. Teddy is excellent with cats .

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ALREADY ADOPTED! #473 - Gauteng, Pretoria - 2 Yorkies needing new home

ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng, Moreletapark, Pretoria Three Yorkie males need their new loving home together Gert is 7 Years old,  Milo is 8 Years old and  Poenie is 10 Years old.  They just want love and cuddles. They are all sterilized.  They are all in good health.  They are house trained They will do well with families with older kids. They are excellent with other dogs. They are not good with cats.

#467 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Roodepoort - Loving Yorkie girl for adoption

ALREADY ADOPTED Gauteng, Roodepoort Alfie the Yorkie girl 8 Years old  She has been sterilized. She is house trained. She has very good health but suffers from anxiety - thunder and fireworks so she needs to be around people at all times and cannot be left alone she will escape. She has a beautiful personality, very loving and playful.  She is good with children. She is not good with other dogs. It is unknown how she will be with cats.

#469 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Mpumalanga, Middelburg - 2 Yorkies needing new home

Already Adopted Mpumalanga, Middelburg 2 Yorkshire Terriers need their new loving home together. They are both about 3 Years old. They love people. Silvester is a Yorkie boy and Sally (aka Sussie) is a Yorkie girly. Silvester is not house trained. Sally seems to be house trained.  Silvester is very active while  Sally needs a lot of love and attention.  Silvester does not get along with bigger dogs.