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#727 - Gauteng, Benoni - Teddy Yorkie X Loves Giving Cuddles

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ALREADY ADOPTED! #726 - Gauteng, Meyerspark - Olivia Beautiful Cream Yorkie Lady

ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng, Meyerspark Olivia  Beautiful Cream Yorkie girl 9 Years of age. She is a happy lady. Olivia likes attention but enjoys her 'me' time in her bed, in the sun or where ever she can find a little hiding place.  She loves to explore.  She is sterilized. She has good health.  She is house trained. Olivia has a hernia on the tummy area but it does not bother her at all.  She tolerates children.  She is  excellent  with other dogs. She is  excellent  with cats. 

#723 - ALREADY ADOPTED Gauteng, Roodepoort - Emergency Yorkies Needing New Homes

ALREADY ADOPTED Gauteng, Roodepoort EMERGENCY Teddy & Lindsay Need their new home(s) ASAP Teddy,  5 Year old Yorkie boy , is very friendly and loves kids. Lindsay,  4 Year old Yorkie girl , takes a bit of time, but will warm up.  She is a very sweet girl and likes attention. Both are in good health. They are house trained.  Teddy is good with female dogs. Lindsay is good with male dogs. They are not good with cats.

#704 - ALREADY ADOPTED Gauteng, Springs - Max and Trixie Friendly Happy Yorkies

 ALREADY ADOPTED Gauteng, Springs:   Max and Trixie Max (5 yrs) and Trixie (6 yrs) are a happy, friendly pair who just l ove to cuddle .  They are both active and playfu l.  Max is a very clever little boy who loves learning new tricks and enjoys agility type activities, but he is just as happy to be curled up on your lap. Trixie has learnt to sit on command and that is her best trick ;)! But she is very cuddly and affectionate , though she might not want to always share your lap with Max . They are both sterilized and have their up-to-date vet cards .  They are both obedient and housetrained . Max and Trixie love children and get along well with other dogs and cats. They are both trained to walk on leash. 

#722 - ALREADY ADOPTED Gauteng, Pretoria - Chloe Does Happy Dances

ALREADY ADOPTED Gauteng, Pretoria, Garsfontein: Chloe is 10 years old, but she has the spirit of a young doggy . She does her little happy dance when you get home and will be so sweet to you her beloved owner.  Chloe likes to be close and will follow you around wherever you go.  As an older, calm doggy she loves a peaceful home and will do better where there are no young children or young boisterous dogs. She isn't good with cats. Chloe is sterilised and in very good health. She really  loves walking and is well behaved on her leash.

#720 - ALREADY ADOPTED Gauteng, Pretoria, Garsfontein - Rilley Playful Friendly Girl

 ALREADY ADOPTED Gauteng, Pretoria, Garsfontein: Rilley is a friendly, playful little girl who is 2 years old. She has loads of love to give and she loves walks, treats and cuddles. At first she is scared of a new environment, people and other animals, but after a while she befriends them. Rilley also thinks that she is the biggest, toughest guard dog in the neighbourhood. She has managed to learn a couple of tricks too -  she will sit and lay down for a treat anytime. Rilley is housetrained , and leash trained .  She is excellent with children and makes friends with other dogs after she gets used to them. She has never met a cat before, but she would probably also need time to overcome her shyness with a new animal. She is very healthy and has a vet card.

#719 - ALREADY ADOPTED Gauteng, Kyalami - Bella Fabulous Yorkie Girl Needs New Home

ALREADY ADOPTED Gauteng, Kyalami  Bella   Unique 6 years old Yorkie girl Bella is an amazing family dog, she loves children & people. She is a great bed buddy.  Bella has a love for life .  Bella is a fabulous animal , she is lovable, pathologically friendly.  She needs a home with an active family . Due to lack of exercise it may be why Bella has begun to chew on items in the home and car. She has been sterilized. Bella has excellent health. She is house trained. She plays beautifully with cats .  She may need help socializing  with other dogs.  

#717 - Gauteng, Pretoria - Logan & Lily Adorable Yorkies Needing Homes

Gauteng, Pretoria Logan and Lily Need their new homes. They are 4 Years of age. They are very healthy. They are house trained. Lily , a Biewer, is lively,  likes to play with toys and can even act like a clown to get attention;) Logan , a Yorkie boy, is a gentle soul. They are not good with toddlers. They are not too fazed about other dogs. They will bark at birds and cats.

#715 - Gauteng, Randburg - Massimo and Maya Special Yorkies Needing New Home

Gauteng, Randburg Massimo & Maya  12 years old Yorkies need  a new home together. Mass likes to explore the garden.  Maya is very friendly  and loves playing fetch.  They have been sterilized. They have good health. They are house trained. They are not so good with small children because they are old and scared of getting hurt. They are good with other dogs but Maya is scared of large dogs. They are not good with cats.

#712 - Gauteng, Pretoria - Elvis Milo and Chokkie

Gauteng, Pretoria:  Elvis, Milo and Chokkie Elvis is 13 years old and just loves to strike a pose. He knows he is beautiful and enjoys attention and cuddles.  Milo is 7 years old and is in charge of this trio but also so well behaved and relaxed. He is the family sweetheart and just loves attention too. Chokkie is a 2-year-old chocolate boy and a bundle of joy. He brings the fun and energy, but is also really cuddly.  They are used to being outside in the day and are fully housetrained.  All three are sterilised and very healthy, and they have their vet cards. They are trained to walk on leash. They are excellent with children and other dogs, but they have never interacted with cats before.