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#910 ALREADY ADOPTED - Gauteng, Bedfordview - Asterix & Obelix Yorkie brothers

Gauteng, Bedfordview

Meet Asterix & Obelix,
Asterix & Obelix

two adorable Yorkies who are young at heart. 
They are about 12 years old
but they don’t let their age 
stop them from having fun. 
They love to play with children and other dogs
and they are always up for a cuddle. 
They are a bonded pair who have been together 
since they were puppies, 
and they can’t imagine life without each other.
Asterix Male Yorkie

Asterix & Obelix are friendly 
Yorkshire Terrier males that are easy-going 
who will fit into any family. 
Obelix Male Yorkie
They are not sure about cats, though, 
so they might need some time to get used to them. 
They are looking for a loving home where they can 
spend their golden years in comfort and happiness.

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