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#1028 ALREADY ADOPTED - Gauteng, Benoni - Adopt Yorkies Daisy and Peanut

Gauteng Benoni

Adopt Yorkies Daisy and Peanut
Adopt Yorkies Daisy and Peanut
Adopt Yorkies Daisy and Peanut, two gorgeous Yorkshire Terriers. Both are great with children and get along well with other dogs. They haven't had much contact with cats.

Daisy small Yorkshire terrier female
Daisy is small and petite, 2 ½-year-old female Yorkie. She is a very laid-back, calm, and relaxed Yorkshire Terrier.
small female Yorkie
Daisy enjoys her regular walks, but please keep a close eye on her, as she tends to slip away and disappear if you're not watching, as she enjoys exploring new places.
adopt a tiny yorkshire terrier female
Daisy isn't always obedient, this little madam has a mind of her own. Some positive reinforcement training would be beneficial for her, as she is still young and eager to learn. But who can resist this little face.
young Yorkshire Terrier girl ready to be adopted
Daisy is very demanding of attention as she loves to cuddle on a lap or stay close to her pawrents. She needs someone to be home with her all day, as she suffers from separation anxiety.
tiny yorkie girl


adopt a male Yorkshire Terrier
Peanut is a 1 ½-year-old male Yorkshire Terrier. He is an independent young boy who easily adapts to new environments.
adopt a 1 year old male yorkie
Peanut is fun and caring, enjoying human company most of the day but preferring to sleep alone at night.
yorkie boy
Peanut is an obedient young Yorkie who loves to please his owners with good behavior. He can be left home alone for short periods.
small yorkshire terrier boy

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