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#1019 ALREADY ADOPTED - Gauteng Bapsfontein Adopt Suzi Yorkie Girl

Gauteng, Bapsfontein

Adopt Suzi Yorkie Girl
adopt Suzi Yorkie girl
Adopt Suzi Yorkie Girl, 7 years old. She is a happy Yorkshire Terrier cross who loves to play ball on her terms. Throw the ball and she will run to catch it. But you need to come and fetch the ball from her. Suzi loves playing with children.
Suzi female Yorkshire terrier
She is placid, easy going Yorke girl, that loves attention.
Suzi gets on well with other dogs. She also gets on well with cats. A new dominant cat that can put her in her place, will work well for her.
Suzi adopt a Yorkshire Terrier female aged 7
Suzi enjoys going for walks, and also enjoys car rides. She is content to be home alone during the day.
Rehome a female Yorkshire Terrier named Suzi aged 7 years old

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