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#1008 ALRADY ADOPTED - GP Nigel - Urgent Adopt a Yorkie, Elijah & Naomi

Gauteng, Nigel

URGENT adopt a Yorkie
Elijah & Naomi

URGENT adopt a yorkie Elijah & Naomi
Urgent Adopt a Yorkie, Elijah & Naomi, are in desperate need of a new home before Friday 5 April 2024.
They have not really been socialized with other dogs or cats, but get along well with each other. Following the steps in our Podcast: how to Introduce your newly adopted Yorkie to your other dogs, will help them to settle in well with resident canines. 
They can be adopted together or separate.

adopt a male morkie
Elijah is a 2 year old male Morkie. He is a lovable boy, that gets very excited to see people. He is good with children, and full of energy.
Adopt a Morkie Elijah 2 year old male

Adopt a morkie, Elijah


Adopt a Yorkie Naomi
Naomi will be 2 in August, she is a Yorkshire Terrier, that has a laid back soft natured personality. She enjoys being around children, and loves people. 
Naomi female Yorkshire Terrier

naomi yorkshire terrier female

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