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#990 ALREADY ADOPTED - Gauteng, Kempton Park - Rusty 5 month old Chocolate Yorkie puppy

Gauteng, Kempton Park

Chocolate Yorkshire Terrier Puppy
Rusty 5 month old male Chocolate Yorkshire Terrier Puppy.
Rusty is a small Yorkie puppy that needs lots of love, attention and care in a calm environment.
Rusty male chocolate Yorkie laying in his bed
He gets on with other small dogs,
but can get excited with playing
and tends to be a little rough at times.
He has not yet been introduced to cats.
He will do well with older children
that will treat him gently.
Small excited children frighten him.
Yorkie boy stretching
He has not been trained to walk on a leash, and is frighten of a harness, so he would need to be gently eased into this new way of going for walks.

He is fully housetrained
Chocolate Yorkie puppy
This is me before my short summer cut

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