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#965 ALREADY ADOPTED - Gauteng, Montana Park - Cooper & Blair Bonded Yorkie Pair

Gauteng, Montana Park

Cooper & Blair
Blair & Cooper Yorkshire Terrier Pair
Both Yorkshire Terriers enjoy car rides, Cooper is a typical little boy with his head out the window ready for adventure, and Blair, will quietly lay and enjoy the outing.
They love children.
This Yorkie Pair have not been socialized with other dogs or cats.
They are house-trained. Blair & Cooper also enjoy going for walks on their leash. 
Both Yorkies are content with being alone during the day while their pawrents work.
Cooper male Yorkie
3 year old male Yorkshire Terrier
Cooper Traditional male Yorkie
Cooper is friendly, lovable Yorkie boy who loves kisses.

Blair female Yorkie laying on a leather couch
2 year old female Yorkshire Terrier
Blair silver female Yorkshire terrier
She is timid, and afraid of men. It does take her a few days to get use to new people, but on her own terms will then make contact and come for her much needed attention and hugs. 

Cooper & Blair are a bonded pair, and need to be adopted together.

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