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#958 ALREADY ADOPTED - Gauteng Krugersdorp - Rolo Alert Yorkshire Terrier Male

Gauteng, Krugersdorp

Rolo male Yorkie

Rolo is a small 2 year old Yorkie boy.
He is alert and loves attention. He will roll over on his back to enjoy his favorite tummy rub.

Rolo loves cuddles and is good with children. 

Rolo male Yorkie sitting in the arms of a woman

He gets on fine with small submissive female doggies, but is not very sociable with other dogs, and too many doggies scare him and will cause him to go into hiding.

2 year old Yorkshire Terrier male

Unsure how he will react to cats. He does not like intruders or postmen, so will alert you to unknown people at the gate with a good bark.

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