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#956 ALREADY ADOPTED - Gauteng, Melville - Bubbles energetic male Yorkie

Gauteng, Melville

Bubbles male Yorkie held in a man's arms
Bubbles is a 5 year old cheerful, energetic male Yorkshire Terrier who has been the only Yorkie to his beloved pawrent who unexpectedly passed away. Bubbles has become anxious as he looks for his pawrent.
Bubbles male Yorkie looking up
We are unsure how Bubbles will be with children as he has never been with little humans, but he is comfortable with people. He has not been introduced to cats, and has only now started socializing with other dogs in his foster home.
He feels insecure around other dogs, so would need to be introduced correctly to a younger submissive female doggy, or a home as the only dog.
Yorkie male sitting on the grass - looking behind him
"as you can see I don't like the camera"

Bubbles gets so excited when he sees his humans that he runs zoomies around the garden in pure joy. His pawrent was his companion and they did everything together. He has also learnt to sit for his treats.

Can you open your heart to give Bubbles the love, attention and comfort he so needs right now?

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