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#915 ALREADY ADOPTED - Mpumalanga, White River - Oreo loving Yorkshire Terrier boy

Mpumalnga, White River

Adorable Yorkie Who Loves to Jump and Run
Oreo small Yorkie male
If you’re looking for a 
cute and energetic companion, 
look no further than Oreo. 
He’s a two-year-old Yorkshire Terrier 
who has a lot of personality and charm.
Yorkshire Terrier male
Oreo is a very loving and playful 
little Yorkie boy. 
He loves attention 
and will do anything to get it. 
He jumps like a rabbit when he’s excited
He loves the attention he gets from children, 
who find him irresistible
He’s always ready to play and have fun.
Yorkie Male laying on his back
Oreo gets on well with other dogs, 
but he does not like cats
He will bark and chase them if he sees them. 
he is just curious and playful. 
He likes to make friends with other dogs 
and join them in their games.
Yorkie male loves attention
Oreo thoroughly enjoys his walks on a leash. 
He’s very fast and agile, 
so you’ll have to keep up with him. 
His walk is more of a run, 
as he likes to explore everything around him. 
He’s not afraid of anything 
and will happily greet anyone he meets.

Even though he gets car sick, 
he enjoys sticking his head 
out the window and exploring new sites. 
He loves going on adventures 
and seeing new places. 
Yorkie boy
He’s always up for a road trip, 
as long as he has his favorite toys 
and treats with him.

Oreo enjoys cuddles 
but also loves laying in the sun. 
He likes to relax and nap on a warm spot, 
preferably on your lap or next to you. 
He’s very affectionate and loyal
and will follow you wherever you go.

Oreo is a friendly dog who gets along with everyone.  
He loves meeting new friends and making them smile.

Oreo is waiting for you to give 
him the love and attention he deserves. 

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