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#908 ALREADY REHOMED - Gauteng, Sydenham JHB - Maggie 8 week puppy

Gauteng, Sydenham

The Cutest Shorkie Puppy You'll Ever See
8 week Shorkie Puppy girl
Are you looking for a new furry friend 
to join your family? 
Do you love Yorkies and Shih Tzus? 
If so, you might want to 
consider adopting Maggie, 
an adorable 8-week-old shorkie puppy.
8 week Shorkie puppy
What is a Shorkie?
A shorkie is a cross between a
Yorkshire terrier and a Shih Tzu
These dogs are also known as 
Yorkie Shih Tzu mixes or 
Shorkie Tzus. 
They are small, fluffy, 
and loyal dogs that make 
great companions for anyone 
who loves cuddles and attention.
Yorkie x Shi Tuz puppy girl
Why Should You Adopt Maggie?
Maggie is one of the most charming 
and personality-filled Shorkies 
you'll ever meet. 
She has all the traits of an 
amazing loyal Yorkie
she's spunky, playful, 
smart, and affectionate.
She also has the sweet and 
gentle nature of a Shih Tzu: 
she's calm, friendly, and easy-going.
Maggie loves to snuggle with her humans 
and give them kisses. 
She also enjoys playing 
with her toys and exploring new things. 
She's very curious and eager 
to learn new tricks and commands.
Maggie is searching for a new home
where she can be loved and spoiled. 
She needs owners who will be with her 
throughout the day to train and teach her. 
She also needs regular 
grooming and brushing 
to keep her coat healthy and shiny.

Don't miss this opportunity 
to bring home the 
cutest shorkie puppy ever. 
Maggie is waiting for you!

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