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#898 ALREADY ADOPTED - Gauteng, Randburg - Milo male Teacup Yorkie puppy

 Gauteng, Randburg

is a 8 month old Yorkie boy
 who is looking for a loving home. 
Milo is a lively and cheerful pup 
who loves to play and have fun. 
He is very affectionate and will cuddle 
with you whenever he can and loves sleeping. 
He is eager to learn new things 
and make new friends.
Milo is still a puppy, 
so he needs a lot of attention and care. 
He has not been around other animals
so he might need some time 
to get used to them. 
He is also not fully house-trained, 
so he will need some guidance 
and patience from his new family.
If you are looking for a 
loyal and adorable companion, 
Milo is the one for you. 
He will brighten up your days 
with his sweet personality and cute antics. 
He enjoys walking on his leash.
He is ready to give you his heart and soul, 
if you are willing to do the same for him.

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