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#891 ALREADY ADOPTED - Gauteng, Bromhof JHB - Duff male Yorkshire Terrier puppy

Gauteng, Bromhof

Duff is a 10-month-old 
Male Yorkshire Terrier puppy
who is full of energy and charm. 
He enjoys playing with toys
and running after cats. 
He has a strong personality
and likes to be the center of attention.
He is not a fan of babies or small children, 
as he gets jealous of their attention. 
He is house trained,
 but he sometimes has accidents 
at night near the toilet. 
Cats 🐈- he sees them as prey 
and will chase and bite them

Dogs 🐶- he loves to play with them, 
but he can be bossy and snappy
if they don’t follow his rules
Duff is a beautiful Yorkie puppy 
who needs a loving and patient owner 
who can train him and teach him how to behave. 

He has a lot of potential 
and will reward you with his 
loyalty and affection.
Duff is waiting for you!

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