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#884 ALREADY ADOPTED - Gauteng, Centurion - Pixie lovable Yorkie girl

 Gauteng, Centurion


9 year old female 
Teacup Yorkshire Terrier
Pixie is a tiny treasure of a dog. 
She may be small in size
but she has a big heart and a sweet personality. 
Pixie is very friendly and gentle
She never barks or bites, 
and she always greets everyone with a 
wagging tail and a smile. 
She loves people more than anything,
 and she enjoys being held and cuddled

She is happiest when she is with her family, 
and she follows them everywhere they go. 
Pixie is also very sociable with other animals. 
She gets along well with dogs and cats
 of all sizes and breeds. 
She is also very gentle with children, 
and she lets them pet her and hug her.
Pixie has one flaw: 
she has very few teeth left. 
This makes her drool sometimes, 
especially when she is excited or hungry. 
But this does not stop her from eating well

She is looking for a forever home 
where she can be pampered and cherished. 

She would make a great companion 
for anyone who wants a small, 
sweet and cuddly dog.

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