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How to surrender a Yorkie

How to Find Your Dog a New Home

There are many situations, often beyond our control, that can arise when that emotional decision needs to be taken to give up your fur babies. Take comfort in knowing that it doesn't have to mean that it's the end of the line for your doggy; it could mean the beginning of a new enjoyable life.

Yorkie loving its new home and owner

To successfully surrender and re-home a Yorkshire Terrier, or any other specific breed dog

It is best to seek the assistance of organizations with experience and deep understanding of the breed's characteristics and the type of family home that works for them. Every breed has its own unique challenges.

One organization that specializes in the rescue and re-homing of Yorkshire Terriers is SA Yorkie Rescue. They have a wealth of knowledge about the breed and are dedicated to finding suitable homes for Yorkies in need. By working with a specialized rescue like SA Yorkie Rescue, you can ensure that your beloved Yorkshire Terrier is placed in a caring and understanding environment.

Often, owners try to rehome their dogs themselves with little success. They may reach out to family or friends who have good intentions to help, but often overlook the adjustments needed when adopting a new member into the family. One of the least successful ways to re-home your dog has proven to be through advertising them for free over social media or a website like Gumtree. It's important to avoid this approach, as it often leads to misery for your dog.

Fears when re-homing your dog

Re-homing a dog can bring about various fears and concerns. Let's address some of the common fears and provide guidance on how to manage them:

  1. Fear of an unsuitable home: It's natural to worry about your dog ending up in a home where they won't receive proper care. By collaborating with organizations like SA Yorkie Rescue, you can ensure that potential adopters go through a comprehensive screening process. This includes interviews, reference checks, and home visits to ensure a suitable environment for your dog.
  2. Fear of abandonment or mistreatment: It's crucial to find a loving and responsible home for your dog. Rescue organizations like SA Yorkie Rescue prioritize the well-being of their dogs and work tirelessly to match them with compassionate adopters. Their adoption process involves thorough vetting and follow-up checks to minimize the risk of abandonment or mistreatment.

  3. Fear of separation anxiety: Dogs can form strong bonds with their owners, making the transition to a new home challenging. When working with SA Yorkie Rescue, provide them with as much information as possible about your dog's routine, preferences, and any specific needs. This information will help the organization find a compatible family and facilitate a smoother transition. Consider a trial period where your dog can gradually adjust to their new environment.

Finding a new home for your dog

Now that you're aware of the potential fears, let's outline the steps to finding a new loving home for your dog through the assistance of SA Yorkie Rescue:

  1. Contact SA Yorkie Rescue: Reach out to SA Yorkie Rescue to discuss your situation and inquire about their re-homing process. They will guide you through the necessary steps and provide support throughout the entire process.
  2. Provide information: Share relevant details about your Yorkshire Terrier, including their age, health, temperament, and any specific requirements. The more information you provide, the better SA Yorkie Rescue can understand your dog's needs and find a suitable match.
  3. Follow the organization's guidance: SA Yorkie Rescue will likely require you to complete an application or provide additional documentation. Cooperate fully and provide any requested information promptly. This ensures that the organization can assess potential adopters and make informed decisions.
  4. Trust the process: SA Yorkie Rescue has experience in matching dogs with loving homes. Trust their expertise and be patient as they work to find the right family for your dog. They will handle the screening, interviews, and adoption process, ensuring that your dog goes to a caring and responsible home.

Yorkie looking longingly out a window

By utilizing the services of SA Yorkie Rescue or a similar organization, you can have peace of mind knowing that your beloved Yorkshire Terrier will receive the care and attention they deserve in their new home. Re-homing a dog is a difficult decision, but with the right support, you can ensure a brighter future for your furry friend.