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#1018 ALREADY ADOPTED - Gauteng Benoni - Adopt Max a male Yorkie

Gauteng, Benoni


Adopt Max a male Yorkie

Adopt Max a male Yorkie
Adopt Max a male Yorkie, he is 17 months old, and the life of the party. He is a very happy active Yorkshire Terrier, that loves playing with children.
Adopt a male Yorkshire Terrier Max
He gets on with other dogs, but can be an instigator to a barking match. He has grown up with a cat, but might need some time to be properly introduced to new strange cats.
Max a male Yorkshire Terrier laying next to a cat
Although Max can swim, he is not very fond of the pool.
Max enjoys cuddling up in bed with his family. He does become sad when left alone, and will cry and scratch at the door, as he would like to go with on the family outing.
Yorkshire Terrier male, aged 17 months
Max is a cute young little Yorkie boy, who is a little afraid of thunder and would want to cuddle up next to his family for safety. He also enjoys car rides.
Yorkie boy small

4kg male Yorkshire Terrier named Max

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