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#1020 ALREADY ADOPTED - Gauteng Alberton - Adopt Lulu small Yorkie Girl

Gauteng, Alberton


Adopt Lulu Small Yorkie Girl

Adopt Lulu Small Yorkshire Terrier
Adopt Lulu, a small Yorkshire Terrier female, 2 years old. She is an active, playful, and loving Yorkie who is friendly. While she may take a little time to warm up to new people, once she does, she gets excited to see them again.

Lulu gets excited about everything and has the sweetest personality. She has always been the little princess of the house, but with the arrival of a new baby, she has been feeling a bit jealous. She thinks the baby's toys are her toys and the baby's food is her food.
Adopt Lulu Small Yorkshire Terrier
Lulu is used to being around a pool and can swim. However, she struggles with walking on a leash, so extra care and training will help her learn to walk comfortably and with discipline.
Adopt Lulu Small Yorkshire Terrier
Lulu gets along well with other dogs, but she hasn't met any cats yet, so it's uncertain how she will react to them. She does need some extra love during fireworks, as they scare her a little.
Adopt Lulu Small Yorkshire Terrier
Lulu can be home alone during the day, usually keeping herself busy in the garden playing.

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