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#1009 ALREADY HOMED - GP Midrand - Adopt a Yorkie Puppy, Matome

Gauteng Midrand


Adopt a Yorkie Puppy Matome
Adopt a Yorkie puppy Matome

Adopt a Yorkie Puppy. Matome is 9 month old Yorkshire Terrier Puppy. He is a social butterfly, very energetic, smart and intelligent, and he just loves to play.

Adopt a Yorkshire Terrier Puppy
Matome loves people. He is a people doggy, he plays gently with children, and gets so excited when humans give him attention.
Yorkie Puppy Boy
He is fully housetrained, and sleep right through the night. He has not socialized much with other dogs, however, on the odd occasion, he prefers to stay close to his people. The Terrier in him, comes to the fore when he sees a cat, he will chase it.
Yorkie boy
Matome is not a big barker. He travels well in a car, and loves to go for walks on his leash. He loves playing ball.
adopt a Yorkie puppy

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