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#1006 ALREADY ADOPTED - GP Boksburg - Adopt Yorkie Boys - Bobo & TJ

Gauteng, Boksburg


Adopt Yorkie Boys Bobo & TJ

Adopt Yorkie boys Bobo & TJ
Adopt Yorkie Boys, they are 3 year old brothers and need to be rehomed together.


Adopt a Yorkie male Bobo
Bobo is a bubbly loving Yorkshire Terrier. He is fun loving always smiling, and will shadow is human everywhere.
Adopt a Yorkshire Terrier male bobo

Bobo a male Yorkie



TJ Male Yorkshire Terrier to be adopted
TJ is the quiet shy Yorkie boy, who is a little weary of new people, and prefers to keep to himself. He is a calm boy. He does not like to share attention with other dogs.
Adopt a Yorkshire Terrier male TJ

TJ Yorkshire Terrier

Bobo & TJ are inseparable, and need to stay together, however, a home as the only two dogs would be a better option for them, as they do become possessive of their owners, and do not like to share their affection with other dogs in the home.

Bobo enjoys car rides, TJ not so much. They enjoy cuddling up on the bed at night. They are semi-housetrained, but may need a little extra training and help.

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