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#1005 ALREADY ADOPTED - GP Pretoria, Adopt a Yorkie Pair Snoopy & Sandy

Gauteng, Pretoria


Adopt a Yorkie Pair
Snoopy & Sandy

Adopt a Yorkie Pair Snoopy & Sandy

Adopt a Yorkie Pair Snoopy & Sandy are the most gorgeous Yorkshire Terriers you have ever seen. They are 6 years old, love children, and get on well with other dogs. They also go walking on their leash. They both are very playful. Snoopy & Sandy do not like cats.


Adopt a Yorkshire Terrier Snoopy
Snoopy male Yorkie, loves attention but he is jealous and wants attention only for himself he has eyes like an angel and only wants all the attention and love.
He is the dominant one, and wants to take the lead.
Adopt a male Yorkie



Adopt Sandy Female Yorkshire Terrier

Sandy, a female Yorkie, harbors a strong aversion to Haddidas and other birds. At the mere sight or sound of them, she incessantly barks. However, Sandy's alertness is akin to that of a guard dog.
Adopt Sandy a female Yorkshire Terrier

Despite her vigilant nature, she is incredibly affectionate, adoring attention and relishing tummy rubs.

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