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#985 Gauteng, Boksburg - Bentley, Troy, Frankie Male Yorkies

Boksburg, Gauteng

Bentley, Troy & Frankie
3 senior male Yorkshire Terriers
Three senior Yorkshire Terrier Males
All three Yorkies are fully housetrained

Bentley Biewer Yorkie
8 year old Biewer Yorkie
Bentley is a jealous kind of Yorkie, if another doggy gets too much attention Bentley gets jealous and might nip at the other dogs. So he is possessive of his owners.
Male Biewer Yorkie laying on a couch
But a placid lovable Yorkie. He will nip at small children if they play rough with him. He should be fine with older children.


Troy minature Yorkie
8 year old miniature Yorkie.
Troy just wants lovies, and attention. Cuddles all day is medicine for him. He gets on well with children and enjoys playing with everyone.
senior male Yorkshire Terrier
He is well socialized with other dogs. He is a bit of a fussy eater, and has a few front teeth missing.


Frankie (already adopted)
Frankie standard Yorkshire Terrier male
9 year old standard sized Yorkie
He likes to shadow his human everywhere, such a lovable little Yorkie boy. Frankie loves cuddles and plays gently with children.
9 year old Senior Yorkie male

These Yorkshire Terriers have not been introduced to cats.
They can be home alone during the day.

Frankie & Bentley like to jump up and sleep on the couch, but Troy is too small to jump so he sleeps in his own little bed. 

You are welcome to adopt one or more of these Yorkies.

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SA Yorkie Rescue Team
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