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#997 ALREADY ADOPTED - Gauteng, Pretoria - Adopt a Puppy Maurice & Luca

Gauteng, Pretoria

Adopt a Puppy
Maurice & Luca
Adopt a Puppy Maurice & Luca
Both Yorkshire Terriers are good with children.
They get along with dogs and with cats.


Adopt a Puppy Maurice
Maurice is 11 month old Yorkshire Terrier Puppy, he is a lovable furbaby. He loves playing with children and anyone willing to give him cuddles and love.
Maurice small 2kg young Yorkshire Terrier puppy
Being a puppy he does have a playful streak in him: he loves to take your shoes and hide them. 
(please note: he does not chew or damage the shoes - only plays hide, so that you can seek for it๐Ÿ˜…)



Luca 2 year old male Yorkshire Terrier
Is an energetic 2 year old Yorkshire Terrier boy. He does bond well with men, and is obedient and quick to please his humans.
Adopt a Yorkie boy
He enjoys one-on-one attention. He does tend to be a little jealous, so not too sure how he will be with toddlers.

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