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#994 ALREADY ADOPTED -GP, Benoni - Adopt a Female Yorkie: Bella & Mia

Gauteng, Benoni

Bella & Mia
Adopt Bella & Mia Yorkshire Terrier Female
Two adorable Yorkshire Terriers
Bella standard Yorkshire Terrier girl
Bella is at her happiest if she can lay next to you all day, and get a good loving scratch. Such a lovable standard sized Yorkie girl. Bella is about 6 years old.


Mia tea cup Yorkie
Mia is a tiny "energizer bunny" as she loves to play ball and fetch. Mia never gets tired of playing and is an absolute pleasure to have around. Mia needs children around to keep her occupied and loved.

They say dynamite comes in small packages, well this tiny Yorkie girl, will give a good growl at other dogs, just so that they know who is queen. 
Mia sitting on a man's shoulder during a car ride.
Mia enjoys to sit on her owners neck to get a good view of where they are going while traveling. Mia is 5 years old.

Both Yorkshire Terriers love children, although they do take a little time to get use them, they get along with other dogs, and have not been around cats.
They enjoy daily walks for exercise.
Two Yorkie girls sleeping  in a seat in the car

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