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#986 ALREADY ADOPTED - Gauteng Pretoria - Fifi & Alfie

Doornpoort Pretoria GP

Fifi & Alfie
Fifi & Alfie two dogs standing by the pool
Both dogs get on well with small dogs. Babies and toddlers might not be a good match for them, however, young children that play gently with them will be suitable.

Fifi - female Yorkshire Terrier
Fifi is a Young Female Yorkie,
less than 2 years old.
Fifi young female Yorkshire Terrier sitting on the grass
She is a shy, soft,
timid little Yorkshire Terrier.
She does not enjoy posing for photos.
Yorkie girl
She enjoys playing and running
gets very excited to see her pawrents.
Fifi is fine around cats.


Alfie male Morkie
Alfie is a young male Morkie,
he is approximately 1 ½ years old.
He wants to be picked up and cuddled
and sit close to you.
Alfie male Morkie standing by a swimming pool
He loves to be spoilt and
treated like royalty.
Alfie does enjoy playing
 chase with the cats. 
Happy Morkie male 1 year old
He does have a dominant streak in him,
so will do well with a submissive small dog.


Both doggies are happy to be home alone during the day. They are comfortable around a pool, and enjoy running around.

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SA Yorkie Rescue Team
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