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#970 ALREADY ADOPTED - Gauteng, Sandton - Zack loving Yorkie Boy

Gauteng, Sandton

Zack 6 year old male Yorkshire Terrier
6 year old male Yorkshire Terrier
Zack just loves people, he gets so excited when his humans come home, and will turn over for his tummy rubs. He enjoys being chased as he plays hard to get with his human friends. Tennis ball is his favourite toy as he will jump on it to claim it for himself. This Yorkie boy loves playing.
Male Yorkie standing on a carpet
Zack is the perfect cuddle buddy, as he likes to snuggle up close. Zack enjoys going for his walk and gets so excited when he see his leash. He is full of happy energy.
semi-blind Male Yorkshire Terrier laying on a carpet
Zack is really good with children, even when small children are afraid, he quickly calms them down and gently engages with them to make them feel loved and important. He has always been the only dog, but gets on well with doggies his own size. Larger dogs make him feel threatened. He has not spent any time with cats.
Closeup of Yorkie boy face
Zack is stating to go blind in both eyes, however, he has successfully learnt to navigate around his familiar surroundings, and stairs in the house. This small Yorkie boy is comfortable with being alone during the day. He is looking for a family who is willing to care for him with his loving personality and sight issues.

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