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#977 ALREADY ADOPTED - Gauteng, Pretoria - Gabby the Happy Yorkie

Gauteng, Pretoria

Gabby 2 year old female Yorkshire Terrier
2½ year old female Yorkshire Terrier.
Gabby is an energetic young Yorkie girl, who loves to play, and enjoys going for daily walks or even a daily run.
2 year old female Yorkie sitting on a red mat
Gabby is a standard size Yorkie who will do well in a home with small children who can help burn up her energy. She is very good with children, and enjoys hearing little giggles and laughter when she plays with them.
Female Yorkshire Terrier
Gabby gets on well with other dogs, it would be best if her new home can have a furfriend for her to play with.
She has never met cats, but with her playful personality, we never know how she will react.

Gabby is afraid of loud noises. She is fully housetrained, but like a typical Yorkie, she doesn't like to get her feet wet in the rain...
Although she is happy, energetic Yorkie girl, she is a nervous doggy, that takes time to settle. She has been spoilt rotten from her pawrent who feeds her by hand.

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