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#943 ALREADY ADOPTED - Gauteng, Boksburg - Nicky active Yorkie Girl

Gauteng, Boksburg


Yorkie girl standing up on her hind legs
8 year old female Yorkshire Terrier

Nicky is a Teddy Bear crossed with an energizer bunny. She is very active, loves attention and will shadow your every move. She also loves to lie perfectly still on your lap for hours.
female Yorkie held in the arms of a young boy
Nicky is excellent with children, she even allows kiddies to push her around in the pram. She is calm in a car & enjoys the ride. She loves lying on tiles when it is hot to keep cool.

Nicky gets on well with a Labrador, however, with her teddy bear demeanor, other dogs mostly go for her, a submissive small dog would be good for her, not sure how she will react to cats.
Yorkshire Terrier
As she is active doggy, she enjoys walking next to you, but she is not really fond of walking on a leash. She is very obedient Yorkie girl.

Owners have recently moved into a new home with a small yard, and Nicky is not coping, she enjoys her space to run and be free.

Yorkshire Terrier standing on the paving

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