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#933 ALREADY ADOPTED - Gauteng, Sandton - Adopt 7 Yorkshire Terriers

Gauteng, Paulshof

7 Yorkshire Terriers available for adoption
7 Yorkshire Terriers

1. Shaya (The Matriarch) 
Shaya 6 year old female Yorkie
6 year old female Yorkie (short legs) 
Loves her bath once a week
Good with other dogs
Shaya female Yorkie laying on bed
Shaya is the wise matriarch of our group. She embodies grace and the best manners. She's the epitome of refined behavior and can be seen as a role model for other dogs. Shaya's poised demeanor and innate manners make her the perfect choice for a household that values a well-behaved and elegant companion. 

2. Minkie (The Adventurous Shy One) 
Minkie shy female Yorkie
Minkie 3 year old female
Will take time to get use to other dogs
Minkie tiny Yorkie girl standing on the mat
Minkie is a shy Yorkie who adores adventure. She may take some time to come out of her shell, but once she does, she's a bundle of energy and curiosity. Her inquisitiveness and love for exploring will bring excitement to your life. With a little patience, Minkie will become your brave and loyal explorer. 

3. Abby (The Reserved Trustworthy Companion) 
Abby Yorkie girl
Abby 4 year old female
Will take time to get use to other dogs
Abby small Yorkie girl
Abby is a reserved Yorkie who may seem cautious at first, but with a little time and effort, you'll earn her trust. Once you do, you'll have a devoted and trustworthy companion by your side. Abby thrives in a calm environment and will form a deep and lasting bond with her new family. 

4. Beon (The Affectionate Lap Dog) 

Beon male Yorkie
Beon 4 year old Male Yorkie
He is good with other dogs
Bion male Yorkie laying on the bed
Beon the only male in the group, is an affectionate Yorkie who loves to sit on your lap and bask in your attention. He's a true cuddle bug and will never say no to a warm lap to rest on. Beon's loyalty and love make him the perfect choice for anyone seeking a companion who craves affection and connection. 

5. Nika (The Intelligent and Loving One) 

Nica 5 year old female Yorkie
Nika 5 year old female Yorkie
Gets on well with other dogs
Nika Yorkie girl standing on bed
Nika is the intelligent sweetheart of the bunch. She has a soft, loving personality and is quick to form deep bonds with her human companions. Nika's intelligence and affectionate nature make her an excellent choice for those seeking a clever and loving canine friend. 

6. Diddie (The Playful and Active One) 

Didi 3 year old female Yorkie
Diddie or Dior 3 year old female Yorkshire Terrier
Would be better without other dogs 
or needs to be introduced correctly
Didi small yokrie looking
Diddie is a ball of energy and playfulness. She'll keep you on your toes with her endless enthusiasm for games and activity. If you're looking for a furry friend to keep you busy and entertained, Diddie is the perfect choice. 

7. Charlie (The Cuddly Quick Learner) 

Charlie 3 year old female Yorkie
Charlie 3 year old female Yorkie
Gets on well with other dogs
Charlie Yorkshire Terrier Girl
Charlie aka Silver Fox 
thrives on human contact and loves cuddles. She's exceptionally well-behaved and a quick learner, making her a joy to have around. Charlie's desire for permanent human contact makes her an ideal companion for those who want a furry friend that's always close and loving. 

None of the Yorkies 
have been around small children.
They are not good with cats.
All doggies are housetrained.
They all enjoy going for walks on their leash.
Each of these Yorkies has a unique 
set of qualities that make them special in their own way.

If you would like to adopt one or more of these little doggies, please contact us.


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