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#920 ALREADY ADOPTED - Gauteng Pretoria - Angel & Halo: The Adorable Yorkie Duo That Will Steal Your Heart

Gauteng, Pretoria East

Angel & Halo Yorkie sisters laying on couch
Angel & Halo
The Adorable Yorkie Duo That Will Steal Your Heart

In the world of Yorkshire Terriers
two delightful girls stand out
Angel and Halo. 
These two Yorkie sisters
are not just adorable, 
but they are also full of personality 
and love for life. 
They are the perfect companions 
for families with children, 
as they thrive on attention and affection.
Angel 5 year old female Yorkie Girl
the elder of the two at 5 years old, 
is a Yorkshire Terrier 
with a big heart. 
Yorkie girl riding in a car - Angel
She's not one for cuddling, 
but she loves to stay close to 
her human companions. 
Angel Yorkie girl sleeping
Following you around the house, 
she's always there to offer 
her quiet companionship
However, she does have a touch of 
separation anxiety, 
so she prefers not to be left alone.

Halo 2 year old Yorkie girl with sunglasses on
On the other hand, Halo, 
the younger and more 
outgoing Yorkie, 
is just 2 years old. 
Halo 2 year old Yorkie girl sleeping
She's a bundle of joy 
who loves to play dress-up 
and be cuddled like a baby. 
Yorkie girl being cuddled by her human
Her playful nature and 
love for cuddles make her 
an irresistible companion.
Angel & Halo laying on the bed watching tv
Both Angel and Halo 
are well-trained and 
have excellent manners. 
They are house-trained and 
get along well with other dogs
However, they haven't had 
the chance to interact with cats yet. 
These two Yorkie girls love 
to go on car rides, 
sticking their heads out the window
to feel the breeze. 
They also enjoy their 
daily walks on a leash, 
exploring the world around them.

In conclusion, Angel and Halo are two Yorkie girls who are full of love and life. Their unique personalities and love for children make them the perfect addition to any family. So, if you're looking for a pair of fun-loving Yorkies to add to your family, 
Angel and Halo might just be the perfect fit.

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