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#902 ALREADY ADOPTED - Gauteng, Pretoria - Peanut & Ivy Yorkshire Terriers

Gauteng, Centurion

Peanut & Ivy
Peanut & Ivy Yorkshire Terriers
Two adorable Yorkies who are looking for their forever home.
They are a bonded pair 
who need to stay together, 
as they share a strong bond of love and friendship.
Peanut 3 year old male Yorkie
is a 3-year-old male 
chocolate Yorkshire Terrier
 who has a sweet and gentle personality. 
He is well-behaved, 
but shy and timid around 
new people and situations. 
Peanut 3 year old male Yorkie
He needs a patient and loving 
family who can help him overcome 
his fears and build his confidence. 
Peanut loves cuddles, 
but he won’t bother you for them. 
He will quietly wait for you 
to give him all the love he deserves.
Ivy 2 year old female Yorkshire Terrier
is a 2-year-old female Yorkshire Terrier 
who has a spunky and sassy attitude. 
She is the Queen-Bee of the pair, 
a true lap dog who demands attention. 
Ivy 2 year old female Yorkshire Terrier
She will cuddle up next to you 
and snuggle under your hand, 
as she craves for a tummy rub and attention. 
She will let you know when she 
wants more, 
as she is very vocal and expressive.

Both yorkies are playful and loving, 
and enjoy spending time with their humans. 
They are good with other dogs
but they have not met any cats, 
so they are not sure how they 
would react to them. 

They love children 
and enjoy going for walks on or off leash. 

If you are interested in adopting 
Peanut and Ivy, 
please fill out an application form below.
They are waiting for you to 
make them part of your family.

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