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#899 ALREADY ADOPTED - Gauteng, Pretoria North - Ava & Chase adorable Yorkie pair

 Gauteng, Pretoria North

Ava and Chase
Ava and Chase Yorkie pair
a pair of adorable Yorkshire Terriers 
who are looking for a new home. 
They are both 3 years old
but they have very different personalities.
is a sweet and gentle Yorkie girl
who loves to cuddle and be pampered. 
She is friendly with everyone
especially children, 
and she likes to make new friends. 
She is a calm and easy-going Yorkie
who enjoys relaxing on the couch or in your lap.
Chase Yorkie
is a lively and playful boy 
who loves to explore and have fun. 
He is always on the move, 
running, jumping, and chasing. 
He is a curious and adventurous Yorkie
who likes to go for walks and car rides.
These two Yorkies are inseparable 
and need to be adopted together. 
They get along well with other dogs
but they are not fond of cats. 
They are both trained to walk on a leash 
and are well-behaved. 
Both doggies are fully house trained.

They are looking for a loving family 
who can give them the attention 
and care they deserve. 

If you are interested in adopting 
Ava and Chase, 
please contact us today.

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WhatsApp: 071 489 2917

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