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#848 ALREADY HOMED - Gauteng, Vanderbijlpark - Pixie & Seun Yorkshire Terrier Pair

Gauteng, Vanderbijlpark

Pixie & Seun Yorkie Pair
These Yorkshire Terrier Doggies
love sleeping in bed
7 year old Yorkie Girl
will lick you to death💓
She just loves everyone
Children are her best friends
She will play with kids and sleep with them
She is very healthy
And runs and jumps into her owner's arms
She is fully house-trained
She gets on very well with dogs
She has not kept company with cats
so unsure how she will react to kitties. 

is 6 year old little Yorkie boy
very lovable when he wants to be
Enjoys a good back scratch
He tends to shy away from very small children
however, he is good with kids
Fully housetrained
He will let you know when he wants 
attention & cuddles