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#836 - ALREADY ADOPTED - North West, Brits, Elandsrand - Three Yorkie Boys Needing New Home

North West, Brits, Elandsrand

Faff, Coco & Fudge.

Yorkie boys 6 years of age.
They are all neutered and very healthy. 

All 3 doggies are scared of thunder.
All 3 are friendly doggies,
don't mind children as long as the kids show respect.
They are not aggressive towards other dogs but they may be territorial.
They are not good with cats.

Reserved. Shy, but very friendly, 
team leader,
doesn't take no for a cuddle answer.
Scared of heights.

Alive, happy, brave,
big personality.
Although he is the
smallest of the 3.

Mamma's boy, gentle giant,
 ready to help if his human is in pain.