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#739 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng, Pretoria - Bella & Zoë Loyal Yorkie Girls

ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng, Pretoria, Lynnwood

Bella & Zoë 

Yorkie sisters 6 Years of age.
They are loyal Yorkshire Terriers that love attention & affection

They love being somone's shadow.
They are both very inquisitive
& very alert. 
They both like catching
birds & lizards
They are excellent guard dogs.

They enjoy being outdoors,
but also to be with you all day. 
They will sit or lie
very close to where you are.
 They prefer sleeping in your bed underneath the duvet than
in their own beds. 
They are excellent with children. 

They might need some time
to get used to other dogs.
They are not good with cats.

They have excellent health.
They are house trained but occasionally
they will "go" in the house normally 
only on a specific place.