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#707 - ALREADY ADOPTED Gauteng, Pretoria - Dexter and Daisy Playful and Loveable Yorkies

ALREADY ADOPTED Gauteng, Pretoria, Montana:

Dexter (2yrs) and
Daisy (1yr) are friendly, happy and loveable Yorkies. 

Dexter is full of bounce and loves playing and chasing the birds in the garden.  He enjoys being taken for runs on leash, but he is just as happy to be curled up next to you while you are busy. 

Daisy loves comfort and cuddles but enjoys leisurely walks too. She is very friendly and greets visitors happily. 

Dexter and Daisy are used to children of all ages and have fun playing with them.  They have also been around other small dogs and get along well with them.  They have never encountered cats before. 

Both doggies are very healthy and their vaccinations are up-to-date. They have their vet cards.

They are both housetrained and trained to walk on leash.

Dexter will bark at birds and they are both alert and bark when they hear a noise.