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#689 - ALREADY ADOPTED Gauteng, Johannesburg, Robertsham - Bella and Gizmo need a loving home

ALREADY ADOPTED Gauteng, Johannesburg, Robertsham:

Bella and Gizmo 

Bella (9 yrs) and Gizmo (8 yrs) are a Yorkie boy and girl pair that are loveable and loving. They are used to being at home all day with their people, sitting with them on the couch and following them wherever they go. 

They are the ultimate lap doggies and are not terribly interested in walks or anything too active. 

They may be older but they are still very agile and can jump up onto beds without assistance. 

They do not get on with cats. Bella isn't interested in children, but Gizmo just loves kids and wants to play and have all the attention from them.  They have been fine around other dogs, but Bella is definitely the boss of this pair. 

They are housetrained and will bark if they need to go outside.

 They are healthy, but their teeth need attention regularly.

Bella is sterilised.