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#727 - Gauteng, Benoni - Teddy Yorkie X Loves Giving Cuddles

#702 - ALREADY ADOPTED Roxy Loveable Cuddly Yorkie Girl

ALREADY ADOPTED Gauteng, Pretoria, Monument Park: Roxy (about 6 years old) is an easy going, cuddly and loving lap doggy.  She gets on very well with other dogs , but her foster mommy doesn't have cats or children, so we don't know what she is like with either.  Roxy is in very good health and is sterilized . She is fully housetrained and well behaved. She doesn't bark unnecessarily.  

#700 - Gauteng, JHB - Lewis Confident Yorkie Needs New Home

Gauteng, Johannesburg Lewis 7 Year old Yorkie boy. He is generally confident , enjoys a swim & would love having all the attention and love from one owner . Lewis is used to having someone around during the day. He has been neutered. He is house trained. He is a healthy, well maintained  Yorkshire Terrier.  Lewis is very sensitive to fireworks and lightening. He is excellent with other dogs. It is unknown how he would be with cats.

#699 - ALREADY ADOPTED Gauteng, Pretoria - Marmite Outgoing Yorkie Needs New Home

ALREADY ADOPTED Gauteng, Pretoria, Montana Marmite  8 Year old Yorkie boy. He is e nergetic , full of life ,  outgoing and protective .  Marmite is excellent with children. He is a very good alarm dog . This adorable little Yorkie is not afraid to go camping with his owner. Marmite is neutered. He has excellent health. Marmite is house trained. Marmite is excellent with other dogs and can be very comfortable    around other animals. Might take him a few days  to get used to a cat ;)

#698 - ALREADY ADOPTED Gauteng, Kempton Park - Toffee & Mickey Yorkies Needing New Homes

ALREADY ADOPTED Gauteng, Kempton Park Toffee & Mickey  Yorkie brothers needing their new loving home(s) They are very friendly and quite energetic .  They have been sterilized. They have excellent health. They are excellent with children. Toffee and Mickey are friendly towards other dogs. They are good with cats.  

#697 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng, Joburg - Daisy Sweet Yorkie Needs Forever Home

ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng, Johannesburg  Daisy Yorkie girl 8 Years of age She has very good health Daisy is needy but so sweet, gentle & loving .  She is house trained but needs to be taken out &  encouraged to "go" on the grass. She will bark at strangers &    nip them on their ankles.  Daisy can be a dominant doggy.

#694 - Gauteng, Waverley - Cooper & Levy Loving Yorkies Need New Home

Gauteng, Waverley          Cooper & Levy  Levy is 11 Years of age & Cooper is 12 Years of age. These Yorkie boys are both loveable and love attention .  They are excellent with children. They used to be house trained. They seem to "go" in the house if they do not get given attention. They show no sign of aggression towards other dogs when walking on a leash. It is unknown how they would be with cats.

#693 - ALREADY ADOPTED Mpumalanga, Secunda - Tiger Young Yorkie Boy

ALREADY ADOPTED Mpumalanga, Secunda Tiger is a two-year-old Yorkie boy who is calm and enjoys being with you .  He also enjoys running around with his foster mommy's Yorkies, but he is quite content to lay at your feet .  Tiger listens to you with his little head tilted .  He isn't a yappy doggy, but if one of the others starts, they all chime in. Tiger is excellent with other dogs , but he only has experience with other Yorkies.  He has never been around children or cats.  Tiger is a very healthy little boy and his inoculations are up to date.   He is housetrained , but he may slip up from time to time.

#690 - ALREADY ADOPTED Gauteng, Pretoria - Joey Small Yorkie Boy

ALREADY ADOPTED Gauteng, Pretoria Joey A small 10 years old Yorkie boy Joey is very friendly towards people and kids. He really loves attention . Joey likes to play with toys. He is a healthy Yorkshire Terrier. Joey does have a very sensitive stomach to table food. If given abnormal food he can get HGE and epileptic fits. Since being on Hills he does not get seizures and is not on any medication.  Joey is house trained . He is not good with all dogs.  It is unknown how he would be with cats.

#689 - Gauteng, Johannesburg, Robertsham - Bella and Gizmo need a loving home

Gauteng, Johannesburg, Robertsham: Bella and Gizmo  Bella (9 yrs) and Gizmo (8 yrs) are a Yorkie boy and girl pair that are loveable and loving . They are used to being at home all day with their people, sitting with them on the couch and following them wherever they go.  They are the ultimate lap doggies and are not terribly interested in walks or anything too active.  They may be older but they are still very agile and can jump up onto beds without assistance.  They do not get on with cats. Bella isn't interested in children, but Gizmo just loves kids and wants to play and have all the attention from them.  They have been fine around other dogs, but Bella is definitely the boss of this pair.  They are housetrained and will bark if they need to go outside.  They are healthy , but their teeth need attention regularly. Bella is sterilised.