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#673 - ALREADY ADOPTED Gauteng, Edenvale - Armani 5-yr-old stardust Yorkie boy


Armani is a special 5-yr-old outdoorsy Yorkie boy. 

He is very loving, loves cuddling and attention, and is very playful, but at the end of the day he likes to be outside

Armani chooses to be with the big dogs. Although he had a Yorkie sister inside, his friends were a German Shepherd and a Saint Bernard. 

He is a quiet boy who doesn't bark much and isn't phased by loud noises or bad weather.

He loves playing with children and enjoys the company of big dogs, but he hasn't spent time with cats.

Armani is in excellent health. 

His inoculations are up to date and he has a vet card. 

He is neutered

He isn't fully housetrained, but as he prefers to spend time outside, this isn't a problem. 

He is used to going on regular walks with other doggies and is leash trained.