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#597 - ALREADY ADOPTED - Gauteng, Johannesburg - Coco Adorable Clever Yorkie Boy Needs New Home

ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng, Broadacres, Johannesburg


An adorable Yorkie boy needing his new home. Coco is 2 years of age.
He has excellent health.
Coco is very friendly Yorkie boy.
Always wants attention ;)
He needs a home where there are children as he LOVES kids.
Coco is a clever Yorkshire Terrier.
He understands commands such as
"sit, go out, shake hand/paw &
eat your food."  

He is a VERY alert dog. Before someone even reaches the front door he barks, but he has a different bark, more of an excited one, if it’s someone whose scent he knows and an alert louder bark
if it’s someone he does not know.

Coco loves going to the doggy parlour. 

He will need help with house training.
He is excellent with other dogs 
but have not been exposed to cats.