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ALREADY ADOPTED #536 - Gauteng, Roodepoort - Beautiful Yorkies Needing New Homes


Gauteng, Roodepoort 

Mufasa and Bibbles 
are two adorable Yorkshire Terriers that can be adopted to separate homes.

is a Teacup Yorkie girl 2.5 Years of age. She is an independent dog but loves to be in the middle of all the action. 

This very loving Yorkie loves the attention of children. She will need a home where she will receive all the attention from her new family that she deserves. 

She has good health and is on medication for high blood pressure. 

Mufasa is a 1.5 Year old Biewer Terrier.
He is a sensitive Biewer Yorkie. He has excellent health. He is looking for a home where he can receive gentle love. 
He has a fear of heights and prefers to sit on your lap. 

These beautiful Yorkies are escape artists

They are excellent with other dogs. 

It is unknown how they would be with cats.

They are house trained.