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ALREADY ADOPTED! #514 - Gauteng, Vereeniging - Three Yorkies Need New Loving Homes


Gauteng, Vereeniging
Three adorable Yorkies need their new loving home together or separately

 Hayleigh is a Yorkie female 6 Years of age. Hayleigh is shy, but wants loves. She will sleep right by your head and loves belly rubs. She can be a bit sassy some times, but is shy in general. 

Pluto is a Yorkie boy 7 Years of age. Pluto loves hooks ans crannies and will run through them pretending he is in a circus:) When he seeks attention he'll either stretch himself on your leg or jump in circles. He is very kind, but also scared of large dogs. 

Zorro is a Yorkie male 8 Years of age. He is a flamboyant and very energetic Yorkshire Terrier. He loves cuddles and will sit on your feet if you stand still for too long ;)

They are all well behaved and if you open the door in time will go outside to relieve themselves. 
All three in good health. 
The boys' teeth are in a bad condition but they have no problem eating.

They weren't really exposed to kids
They haven't had exposure with cats, but we believe with a good introduction they will be fine