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#501 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng, Roodepoort - Two Loving Yorkies Need Loving Home


Gauteng, Roodepoort, Honeydew Ridge

Teddy and Bella 
Two loving Yorkies needing their 
new home together. 
They love each other very much. 
Teddy & Bella love to cuddle 
and they love attention

Teddy is a 4 Year old male Yorkie. 
He will turn 5 in September. 
Bella is a 4 Year old female Yorkie. She will also turn 5 in September.

They are excellent with children.
They are excellent watch dogs. 
They have both been sterilized. 
They have excellent health. 
They are house trained.

They are excellent with other dogs.  They are not good with cats.