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#495 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Mpumalanga, Middelburg - Beautiful Biewer Terriers needing new homes


Mpumalanga,  Middelburg

Benji and Lexi are Biewer Terriers.
Benji is almost 4 years old and Lexi is 2 years old.
Both yorkies are in excellent condition.
Benji is an extremely small yorkie 
and often likes to keep to himself.  
He loves the occasional cuddle
but comes across as very timid.  
He is used to walking on a leash. 
Benji is partly house trained

Lexi on the other hand is an excellent watch dog with an extremely bubbly personality.  She is always running around trying to catch the birds in the garden and 
loves to be cuddled.  She has a very outgoing personality 
and very lovable. She is used to walking on a leash.
Lexi is house trained.

They are excellent with children.
They are excellent with other dogs. 
They are not good with cats.