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#555 - Gauteng, Johannesburg - Flicka Yorkie Girl Needs New Loving Home

ALREADY ADOPTED! #497 - Gauteng, Kempton Park - Three loving Yorkies need new homes

ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng, Kempton Park Three Yorkshire Terriers are in need of their new loving homes. They are excellent with children. The Yorkies are in good health. They have been house trained.  They are excellent with other dogs. They are excellent with cats. Panda is a male Yorkie 2 Years of age. He loves to be rubbed under his chin.    Abby  is a female Yorkie 6 Years of age. She has quite a soft personality, lovable and independent. Beerie  is a male Yorkie 4 Years of age. According to his owner he has the best personality of them all. He loves attention. 

#496 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng, Paulshof - Beautiful Yorkie boys needing new homes

ALREADY ADOPTED Gauteng, Paulshof Milo the loving Yorkshire Terrier and Mars a chocolate Yorkie puppy need their new loving  forever homes  either together or separately. Milo is one year old Mars is  6 months old.  They are very happy doggies.  They are excellent with children . They have very good health.  Milo is house trained while  Mars is still learning. They are excellent with cats.  Mars is fine with other dogs.  Milo needs to learn to be more sociable. 

#495 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Mpumalanga, Middelburg - Beautiful Biewer Terriers needing new homes

ALREADY ADOPTED Mpumalanga,  Middelburg Benji and Lexi are Biewer Terriers. Benji is almost 4 years old and Lexi is 2 years old. Both yorkies are in excellent condition. Benji is an extremely small yorkie  and  often likes to keep to himself.   He loves the occasional cuddle but comes across  as very timid.   He is used to walking on a leash.  Benji is partly house trained .  Lexi on the other hand is an excellent watch dog with an extremely bubbly personality.  She is always running around trying to catch the birds in the garden and  loves to be cuddled.  She has a very outgoing personality  and very lovable.  She is used to walking on a leash. Lexi is house trained. They are excellent with children. They are excellent with other dogs.  They are not good with cats. 

ALREADY ADOPTED! #494 - Gauteng, Bedfordview - Beautiful Yorkie girl needs new home

ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng, Bedfordview Ruby is a Yorkshire Terrier female  that needs  a new loving home. She is 7 months old.  She has  good health. Ruby is a very active girly that loves attention. She loves children. She is fine with other dogs and just wants to play .   

ALREADY ADOPTED! #493 - Gauteng, Boardwalk, Pretoria East

Gauteng, Boardwalk, Pretoria East ALREADY ADOPTED! Luigi and Mario are two Yorkie X puppies needing their new loving homes. They are  about 5 months old.   They have amazing personalities.  They are loving, friendly, cute, obedient, calm and energetic. They are house trained. They have good health.  Luigi had a recent incident with his tail, he pulled out a lot of hair, so it is very sensitive. They are excellent with children. They are excellent with other dogs and with cats                                             

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ALREADY ADOPTED! #473 - Gauteng, Pretoria - 2 Yorkies needing new home

ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng, Moreletapark, Pretoria Three Yorkie males need their new loving home together Gert is 7 Years old,  Milo is 8 Years old and  Poenie is 10 Years old.  They just want love and cuddles. They are all sterilized.  They are all in good health.  They are house trained They will do well with families with older kids. They are excellent with other dogs. They are not good with cats.

#467 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Roodepoort - Loving Yorkie girl for adoption

ALREADY ADOPTED Gauteng, Roodepoort Alfie the Yorkie girl 8 Years old  She has been sterilized. She is house trained. She has very good health but suffers from anxiety - thunder and fireworks so she needs to be around people at all times and cannot be left alone she will escape. She has a beautiful personality, very loving and playful.  She is good with children. She is not good with other dogs. It is unknown how she will be with cats.

ALREADY FOUND A HOME! #483 - Gauteng, Bedfordview, Germiston - Yorkie Puppy Needs Home ASAP!

ALREADY FOUND A NEW HOME! Gauteng, Bedfordview Max is a Yorkie puppy 7 months old needing his new home ASAP!  He is very healthy. His inoculations are up to date.  He is house trained. Max is a friendly Yorkshire Terrier that enjoys young children.  He is playful & very loving.   He is not good with cats.