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#528 - Gauteng, Johannesburg - Cupcake sweet and loveable Yorkie girl

Gauteng, Johannesburg 

Cupcake is a 2 Year old Yorkie girl needing her new loving home.She is avery sweet and lovable Yorkshire Terrier that just wants love all the time. She has very good health. She is house trained. She is an escape artist.Cupcake is excellent with children

She is excellent with other dogsCupcake is excellent with cats.

#527 - Gauteng, Pretoria - Pepe loving and playful Yorkie male

Gauteng,PretoriaPepe isa 9 Year old Yorkshire Terrier male. He is loving and playful.He has very good health. He is house trained.

Pepe is fine with children and protects them but does not enjoy being picked up. He is good with female doggies. He is not good with cats.

#526 - Gauteng, Krugersdorp - Duke needs his new loving home

Gauteng, Krugersdorp
Duke is a 4 Year old Yorkie boy. Duke is a companion for the family and loves to be all around you. He is excellent with kidsHe has been neutered. Duke is very healthy. He has been house trained.Duke is excellent with other dogs. He is not good with cats.

ALREADY ADOPTED! #524 - Gauteng, Pretoria - Yorkies Merlin and Bailey Needing New Homes

ALREADY ADOPTED!Gauteng, Pretoria
Yorkies Bailey and Merlin need their 
new loving homes
Bailey is a 2 Year old female and 
Merlin is a 1 Year old male. 

They believe thatthey arehuman
and they gettreatedlike that;) 

They are house trained.

They are not good with cats.

They should be fine with other dogs if 
properly introduced.

ALREADY ADOPTED! #523 - Gauteng, Sandton - Abbey and Bailey - Biewer Terriers needing loving homes

ALREADY ADOPTEDGauteng, SandtonAbbey and Bailey are Biewer Terriers 
both girls are 18 months old.

They are sterilized. 
They are house trained
They have excellent health. 
They are both very friendly 
and love going for walks. 

They love attention.

Love to sit with people and enjoy being petted
They are excellent with children. 

They are fine with other dogs but enjoy being the center of attention :)
They are excellent with cats.