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#727 - Gauteng, Benoni - Teddy Yorkie X Loves Giving Cuddles

#563 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Mpumalanga, Middelburg - 4 Yorkies Need New Homes

ALL ADOPTED! Mpumalanga, Middelburg  4 Yorkies need their forever loving homes . They need homes that will give tender, loving care .  They are healthy doggies that had their shots.  Seuntjie:ADOPTED is the smallest, lovely little boy.  He is scared of children. About 7 Years old.   Chester and Dino are always together.  They are about 7 Years old Both of them are very shy - Dino the more shy one of the two.   Sasha loves kids.  She is 9 Years old. 

#562 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng, Pretoria - Friendly Yorkies Need New Homes ASAP

ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng, Pretorius Park, Pretoria Minxi and Milo need their new homes ASAP! Minxi is a 4 Year old Yorkie girl  Milo is a 3 Year old  Golden Yorkshire Terrier.  Minxi and Milo have excellent health.  They are friendly doggies. They are house trained.  Milo is good with children but Minxi needs time to get to know strangers.  They are excellent with other dogs.  They are not good with cats.

#561 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng, Alberton - Blackie Yorkie Boy Needs New Home

ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng, Alberton Blackie is a 6 Year old Yorkie boy. He is a playful Yorkie. He is excellent with children .  Blackie is excellent with cats but shy around other dogs. Blackie is prone to getting fits , usually caused by emotion. He is up to date with his vaccinations. He is house trained.

#559 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng, Heidelberg - Libby Beautiful Cuddler Needs New Home

ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng, Heidelberg Libby is an adorable  2 Years and 4 months old Yorkie girl. Libby is very submissive .  She is a skittish Yorkie girly but a big cuddler .  She loves affection .  She is excellent with children. Libby is an independent doggy. She is fine with other dogs but it is unknown how she will be with cats. Libby is not totally house trained,  every now and then she messes in the house.  She has been sterilized.  She has good health.