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#461 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng, Vereeniging - Harry and Sally Yorkies needing home

ALREADY ADOPTED!Gauteng, Vereeniging
Harry and Sally are Yorkshire Terriers in need of their new loving homes.
Harry is a Yorkie boy 7 Years of age and Sally is a Yorkie girl 3 Years of age.
Harry has already been sterilized.
They are very friendly and social Yorkies. They are excellent with children.
They have good health. Sally is house trained. 

They are excellent with other dogs.
The owner is not sure how they would be with cats.

ALREADY ADOPTED! #487 - Gauteng, Centurion, Highveld - Ben and Jerry Yorkies needing home ASAP

ALREADY ADOPTED!Gauteng, Centurion, HighveldBen and Jerry Yorkie males need their new forever homes.  They are 6 Years of age. Ben was born 1 Apr 2013 and Jerry was born 3 Apr 2013.  They have excellent health.  It is unknown whether they are house trained. Ben is an alert Yorkie boy while  Jerry is a timid fellow.  They are excellent with children. They are excellent with other dogs.  They are curious and cautious, but not aggressive towards cats.

#486 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng, Centurion - Lovely Lulu Needs Loving Home

GautengHighveld, CenturionALREADY ADOPTED!
Lulu is a beautiful 8/9 Years old Yorkie lady needing her new home She is such a loving, friendly and easy dog and deserves not only to be cuddled and loved but will shower a loving family with the love they deserve!  She is sterilized. She is house trained. Her health is excellent. She is not overweight. Gentle, but excited when owner gets home.   Can play in a lively way but is mostly just happy to be cuddled and tickled.  She is excellent with children. Very good with small dogs but can challenge larger dogs. She likes to chase cats if she gets the opportunity

Already found needed help :) #485 - Gauteng - Beautiful Picachu needs his loving new home

Already found the needed help:) Gauteng, Benoni / Bronkhorstspruit  Picachu is a 3 Year old Yorkie boy needing  his loving new home. 
Picachu is very loving, loyal and a gentle soul who loves to follow his person around and snuggle with them on the couch or in bed. He loves to drive in the car and go places.   He has good health. He is house trained. He is excellent with children. Can be protective of person who’s lap he is sitting on at the time when approached by another dog but otherwise he loves playing with other dogs. He is excellent with cats.